German or Mashhadi sweets, traditional Mashhad sweets

Recipe for German or Mashhadi sweets

Ingredients for German or Mashhadi sweets:

Powdered sugar: 100 grams
Solid oil or butter: 300 g
Syrup Bar: 60 g (recipe below)
Milk: 60 grams
Vanilla: Some
Eggs: 1 whole or two yolks
Flour: 600 grams
Marmalade or brain jelly (present): in the required amount

How to prepare German or Mashhadi sweets

Add solid oil or butter and powdered sugar until soft and fluffy. Add the syrup, eggs, milk, vanilla and finally the flour little by little and mix the ingredients (we should not stir the ingredients too much). Put the dough in the refrigerator in nylon to cool and it can be molded.

Then open the dough between two nylons with a thickness of a few millimeters and mold it and put it in the oven tray for 20 minutes at a temperature of 150 degrees. Give.

After cooling, put hard marmalade or brain jelly between the sweets and decorate it. It is very tasty with coconut and roasted sesame. Also, use warm honey to stick the ingredients to the surface.


Mashhadi pastry dough should not be kneaded too much because it becomes too greasy. If the dough is loose, add more flour so that the dough does not stick to the hands.

Syrup Bar:

100 grams of sugar
4 to 5 tablespoons water, 75-60 ml (each tablespoon of water weighs 15 ml)
Lemon Ink Tip (Citric Acid)
1 teaspoon of honey if desired

Put sugar and water on the heat. When it boils, add the tip of a lemon ink knife, let it thicken a little, turn off the heat before it changes color. This syrup may become dark and bitter due to heat, so it should not be placed on high heat. You can also add 1 teaspoon of honey.

Materials for decoration:

Coconut powder
Sliced or roasted almonds: 2 tablespoons stuffed
Sliced or roasted pistachios: 2 tablespoons stuffed
Roasted sesame: 3 tablespoons
Chopped and roasted walnuts: 2 tbsp
Strawberry or apple or apricot marmalade محیط has reached room temperature so that you can easily spread it on sweets.
Honey 2-3 tablespoons

Roasting method for almonds, pistachios, sesame and walnuts:

Divide the oven tray into 4 hypothetical parts. Pour one of the ingredients in each part so that they do not mix together. Put in the preheated oven for 5 minutes. Be careful not to burn. As soon as the almonds turn honey. Pistachios, sesame seeds and walnuts are ready to smell a little raw.

Cut in half of the sweets. Brush them thoroughly with warm honey, dip them in almonds or pistachios or sesame or walnuts to stick to the honey. Take the other half of each cake, rub the marmalade on the side that is in contact with the oven tray. Now pair the two halves together, arrange the sweets in a container with a lid that closes completely. Close the door tightly and place in a cool, dry, dark place. You can use it for at least 10 days. Of course, it should be noted that butter has a shorter shelf life than solid oil.

Translated from:Reza traditional Pastry