“Nan-e Nokhodi” or “Nan-e Nokhodchi”  is one of the traditional sweets of Qazvin and one of the types of dry Nowruz(the Iranian New Year) sweets that has many fans due to its high shelf life and deliciousness. Also, the softness of this delicious pastry has made it one of the most popular Nowruz sweets, especially for the elderly people. Chickpeas are also more nutritious than other Nowruz sweets. The flour used in this pastry is pure pea flour. Chickpea flour has more fiber and higher nutritional value than other cereal flours.


Chickpea flour, like fresh chickpeas, is high in protein and helps boost the body's immune system, and is rich in calcium, plant iron, phosphorus, and vitamins A and B.


Nan-e-Nokhodchi is a good pastry for children and teenagers if it is not too sweet.


In the preparation of Nan-e-Nokhodchi pastry, chickpea flour, solid oil, ground sugar or powdered sugar, pistachio powder or pistachio slices and cardamom powder are usually used.